This is a LEADING Indicator, not based on lagging indicators such as RSI, MACD or other similar TA methodologies. We use Asset Correlations, Vol Correlations, Bond and Forex prices, and a variety of others Statistical Analyses.

The Signal is most accurate 30 days out when looking for big directional moves in the SPX, we aim to capture 1% directional moves.

In other words, we're another tool to help YOU in your trading.

The "SPX Signal" has multiple states:

GREEN - Bullish, low risk of correction
YELLOW - Neutral
RED - Bearish, high risk of correction
PURPLE - Bearish, VERY high risk of correction

These signals, like any signals, can be subject to regime changes, such as the VIX Regime change in January 2018. We're always adjusting to new conditions.

Any questions, feel free to contact us!


Indicator updated every day to give you an idea of where the market is going in the next 30 days. Simple, no fluff, no extra crap, approach.

Leading, NOT lagging

Many other services have, essentially, LAGGING indicators that really don't help. You want to know where the market is ABOUT TO GO, not where it's been! We're looking for indications BEHIND THE SCENES that the big boys are moving their money around. THIS is our secret sauce.

See for yourself, what do you have to lose...


This is a mathematically based indicator NOT reliant on human intuition or reading the Tea Leaves of Technical Analysis. We look at where things are "off" -- something is going on behind the scenes, up or down, good or bad. This isn't some dude estimating support or resistance levels, this is a simple "Red Light", "Green Light" mathematical model.

Free Delayed Signals and 7 Day Trial on Daily Signals.

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Backtest Results RIGHT THERE, see how our model would have worked in the past. Available in both Premium and Free versions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send out Signal Change Alerts by Text or Email?

We do! Upon Signal Change.

Is there a long-term contract?

No, we don't force you into any long-term contracts. Our best price will soon be available as an annual subscription,  we offer monthly subscriptions as normal

Which payments do you accept?

We accept online payments through Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you don't have a credit card. To arrange offline payments, or if you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

Do you have specific trades that you recommend?

We cannot give financial advice. Given that, we tend to use mostly Long Call Verticals Long Put Verticals, 30 days out, 1% away from the current SPX price. * see below